Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #5

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Oh God, is it that time again already?  I guess it is, it is time for another Dainty Dwarven Delicacies with Auric Redbeard’s own Granny Redbeard, going where other chefs fear to tread, the finest in traditional Dwarven cuisine.  Take it away Granny Redbeard (and keep it…)

Thanks, sonny.  This week there is some sorta big human game tomorrow, so the staff here asked old Granny to come up with a snack fer the big event.  No problem- Granny’ll whip up a mighty fine tidbit fer Dwarven warriors.  Fer this ya’ll need two calves feet, two pigs feet, enough water to cover ’em in a pot, one cup o’ white vinegar, two tablespoons o’ salt, a large onion, two bay leaves an’ ten peppercorns. 

First make sure that ya wash the feet well in several changes o’ water or they’ll be nasty.  Place the feet in a pot and cover with water an’ add the vinegar, salt, onion, bay leaves and peppercorns.  Bring it all ta’ a boil fer four or five minutes, skimmin’ the surface a the foam rises.  Reduce the heat an’ simmer fer an hour an’ a half. 

Remove the feet from the broth, but simmer the broth fer another half hour or until the broth is reduced to between 1/3 and 1/2 its original volume.  When the feet are cool enough to handle, pick the meat from the bones an’ place the meat in in a mold or bakin’ dish.  Strain the broth through a fine sieve, cheese cloth or yer husband’s beard, whatever’s handy.  Cool the broth an’ skim off the fat from the surface.  Taste fer seasoning and add more vinegar if necessary.  Pour the broth over the meat an’ chill until the broth sets. 

Ta plate it, just turn the mold upside down on a platter, or cut individual portions from the mold an’ put ’em onter individual plates.  I like ta garnish with gherkins, pickled beets, slices o’ hard boiled eggs an’ a little freshly grated horseradish an’ enjoy the wiggly, jiggly, meaty treaty yer Granny Redbeard made fer ya and cheer fer yer favorite team!  Maybe cheer fer the Colts since my Grandson thinks they’re gonna win, an’ because it annoys the elf.  ‘Til next week, this is yer Granny Redbeard givin’ ya lovin’ from the oven!  Back ta ya, sonny.

Oh, uh, thank you Granny Redbeard.  This feature brings tears to my eyes every time I read it.  Onto other news, this has been a slow week for the blog in terms of articles but not in terms of visits.  We at the S&S Blog would like to thank all of you who visit us regularly for making the past two days record-breakers, though thanks to Granny Redbeard, perhaps that streak will end right here.  We are looking forward to the art department’s first images that will be posted here on the blog, Facebook and Twitter pages and the manuscript for SHADOW’S LIGHT is clicking right along.  So please check back in often, as exciting things are happening with the SHADOWS OF NIGHT book series!


The Characters Pick the Superbowl Winner!

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S&S BLOG:  Welcome back to the S&S Blog!  Tonight we present to you our pre-Superbowl roundtable where the fictional characters of the SHADOWS OF NIGHT book series share their Superbowl picks and thoughts with plenty of time to get to your bookie or other “betting professional.” 

AURIC REDBEARD:  Hey!  Who are you callin’ fictional? 

S&S BLOG:  Sorry.  Anyway, tonight we have Auric Redbeard, Marcus Severus, Hazel Cindertoes, Lathan the Golden and Ioan Gwydir to discuss the big game.  Welcome.

IOAN GWYDIR:  Thank you.  It is our pleasure to be back in the studio.

AURIC REDBEARD:  Yeah, what he said.

HAZEL CINDERTOES:  Thanks for having us.

S&S BLOG:  So, what are your favorite NFL teams?

MARCUS SEVERUS:  I love the Dolphins!  Go fins!  Yeah!

S&S BLOG:  Okay…

IOAN GWYDIR:  I’m a Ravens fan.  I like purple and black.

HAZEL CINDERTOES:  Dallas Cowboys!

AURIC REDBEARD:  I cheer fer the Pats.  I mean the Patriots.  I also cheer fer the Bears from time ta time. 

LATHAN THE GOLDEN:  I really don’t care about football.  I just like to watch the guys run around in tight pants.


S&S BLOG:  Okay… Moving on.  So who is everyone picking for the big game Sunday?

MARCUS SEVERUS:  Um…  Oh, uh, I guess the Colts.  The Colts have the most excellent offenses in the history of the spectacular sport of American football in the history of uh, modern athletic endeavor.  A truly magnificent spectacle of offensive prowess that impresses, um…

AURIC REDBEARD:  What Marcus is tryin’ ta say is he thinks the Colts’ll win.  I do too. 

IOAN GWYDIR:  I cannot cheer for the Indianapolis Professional Football Team or “IPFT” if you will.  As I said earlier, I am a Baltimore Ravens fan.  I do hope the Saints don’t lose the game.

S&S BLOG:  You mean you hope the Colts…


S&S BLOG:  Oh, sorry, you mean that you hope that the IPFT doesn’t win on Sunday?

IOAN GWYDIR:  The IPFT never wins games.  Ever.  I just hope the Saints don’t lose.  Unfortunately a lot of people have been losing this year. 

HAZEL CINDERTOES:  Not bitter, are we Ioan?  Anyway, I think the Saints will pull off the upset.  The underdog has done well over the last few seasons.  Like the Giants a few years ago. 

S&S BLOG:  True, true.  What do you think Lathan?

LATHAN THE GOLDEN:  Um, who’s playing?

S&S BLOG:  The Indianapolis Professional Football Team, some call them the Colts…


S&S BLOG:  …and the New Orleans Saints. 

LATHAN THE GOLDEN:  Oh.  Uh, well…  I uh…  what colors to they wear?

S&S BLOG:  The Colts…


S&S BLOG:  Sorry, the Indianapolis Professional Football Team wears blue and white and the New Orleans Saints wear black and gold.

LATHAN THE GOLDEN:  Well the Saints probably.  They wear gold. 

MARCUS SEVERUS:  You are picking a team by its colors? 

LATHAN THE GOLDEN:  Ioan said he cheers for the Ravens because they wear purple and black…

S&S BLOG:  Back to you Marcus, do you think the injury to Dwight Freeney?

MARCUS SEVERUS:  He’ll play.  I spend the majority of one 470 manuscript and a good chunk of the second manuscript injured, wounded or having sharp metal objects sticking out of me, and I soldier on.  A little ankle injury?  Come on, Dwight will suck it up.

AURIC REDBEARD:  Yeah, well, ya wouldn’t be a soldierin’ so much if it weren’t fer me constantly tapin’ ya back together.  But I think that the Colts…


AURIC REDBEARD:  Ah, yer should get that cold looked at, pointy ears.  Anyway, the Colts…


AURIC REDBEARD:  Aw, alright, the Indianapolis Perfessional Football Team, Gods yer are annoyin’!  Anyway, what was I sayin’?

MARCUS SEVERUS:  I think you had finished. 

AURIC REDBEARD:  Oh.  Uh, oh.  So yeah.  That’s what I think.

HAZEL CINDERTOES:  But that Saints have momentum and a great slogan “Who…”

S&S BLOG:  Oh, sorry, I have to cut you off there Hazel.  We at the S&S BLOG can barely afford to stay on the air as is.  We cannot afford to tangle with the NFL over a trademark issue.   Anyway, it seems we have two in favor of the Saints, two in favor of the…  Uh…   Two who are cheering for Indianapolis, and one who just likes to watch the tight ends.


LATHAN THE GOLDEN:  You know, I have a spell that will show us who won the game Sunday.  Then we could go to Vegas and place bets, and we could actually get paid for this gig.

MARCUS SEVERUS:  Yeah!  Let’s do that!

AURIC REDBEARD:  We’re supposed to get paid?

S&S BLOG:  Wait, is that legal?  Um, well, Lathan, we should discuss the details of your spell and how effective it is. 

AURIC REDBEARD:  Hey, don’t ignore me.  We’re supposed to get paid for this?

S&S BLOG:  Shh!  We’ll talk.  So anyway, thanks for checking in.  Please feel free to be generous with your comments and ideas, and maybe even a few questions for the characters as we plan to do more of these round tables in the future.  Also, we’ll have a new column or two later this week, so be sure to hurry back for the latest on the S&S Blog!

Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #4

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Back by inexplicable popular demand is another of Granny Redbeard’s explorations of Dwarven cuisine.  The S&S Blog again proudly presents, from the kitchen of the S&S Blog studios, the one, the only (thank God) Granny Redbeard!

Thanks, sonny.  Ya know, I got comments that last week’s Krautcake wasn’t sweet enough for some of yer little darlin’s.  No problem, Granny can whip up somthin’ sweet ta please ya’ll.  It’s a cool, creamy, tasty, easy dessert that’ll stick to them ribs of yers. 

Yer gonna need a heaping cup full o’ stale pumpler…  Pumphler…  Yer gonna need a heap o’ dark brown bread crumbs.  Ya also need two tablespoons of rum, three cups o’ whipped heavy cream, two egg yolks and three tablespoons of confectioner’s sugar. 

First ya chill a four cup mold in the freezer fer ’bout an hour.  Sprinkle the crumbs with the rum.  Granny does use a little more rum when she does it fer herself, but ya don’t wanna use too much or the recipe won’t work right.  Make sure all the crumbs are evenly moist with the rum.  Whip the cream, and beat in the yolks and sugar an’ then fold into the moist breadcrumbs.  Rinse yer mold, an’ then turn the mixture into the mold an’ cover with wax paper.  Freeze the mold fer ’bout six hours.  The mix should be solid an’ creamy, but not frozen solid.  It may not look like much fer dessert but a little of this goes a very long way.

See?  Yer Granny Redbeard can satisfy yer sweet tooth.  ‘Course next week we’ll bring ya more good down home Dwarven cookin’.  ‘Til then, here’s that nice young man from the blog.

Thank you Granny Redbeard, we can feel our arteries hardening with every scoop full.  And thank you all for visiting the S&S Blog again.  We now have a Facebook Page and a Facebook Fan Page to go with our twitter pages.  We are also looking into getting some art to everyone in the relatively near future as well as some new features including Travel rations with Hazel Cindertoes and a magic column from Lathan the Golden.  And maybe we’ll even hear the characters Superbowl pics!  So until then, please check back in with us here at the S&S Blog often.  You’ll never know what gets posted here.

Researching Fantasy

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The idea of the SHADOWS OF NIGHT book series is to get back to the basics of good epic fantasy, to get back to some mystery, magic, a few good thumping fights and maybe a laugh and tear on the trip.  The second aspect of the books is to allow the reader to go onto the journey with the characters as sort of the “Sixth” character.  In order to do that, the writing staff (of which there is only one), is trying to assemble as much intimate, realistic detail as one can get when writing about faeries and goblins.  How does one even begin to research fantasy? 

Both the strangest and perhaps the easiest thing to research is the fight scenes.  Here at the S&S Blog, we have considerable experience in “living history” of the period and even own replicas  or reasonable facsimiles of many of the weapons used.  More than a few times, the “staff” has choreographed the moves of some of the fight scenes to make absolutely certain that they as as accurate as possible.  And to remind the staff that they really need to get in shape…

The S&S Blog would like to take this moment to apologize to my neighbors who pull their kids out of the yard whenever I wander into the back yard with a handful of weapons.  I also want to say that I am sorry, and will pay for the damages to the fence. 

The big surprise has been Auric’s warhammer.  Obviously a warrior would have to be in better shape than I am to wield it effectively for any length of time, but I’ll just say that it does not take much to do a spectacular Gallagher impression with a coconut, which I think stands in quite well for a goblin’s head.  In years past I have seen demonstrations of what various bladed weapons and missile weapons can do, but I have developed a healthier respect for the warhammer. 

Some of the camp experiences also come from living history, and how it is after a long afternoon marching with 30 or 40 pounds of equipment on your back, and sometimes fighting for a fair chunk of the way.  And then someone forgets to tell you to pack food, so now you’re tired, sore, hungry, cold and ready to fall asleep at a moment’s notice.  Research has been conducted on medieval soldiers equipment and what they would have carried and eaten for rations, tweaked a little bit for the fantasy setting. 

Camp cooking has been an issue as well.  Yes, we at the S&S Blog know that we have issues with food, but when you sit in a studio all day typing and eating, well, food takes on a greater importance.  Food is also a detail that locks in human memory- the taste, the smell the experience can reflect your greater experience around you fix in your memory a certain place or time.  Who doesn’t feel all warm a cozy when they walk into a warm house and smell hot chocolate or gingerbread?  Conversely, who doesn’t recall that crappy day when they sat in the lobby of a garage eating a nasty prepackaged sandwich from  a gas station, sniffing sulphurous engine fumes waiting while their car is being fixed?  And no, we are not knocking garages, I am pointing that feeling of helpless annoyance and the impending bill whilst eating damp stale bread and fake cheese. 

The cooking research has been interesting because apparently we have become a nation of camping non-campers.  I have purchased or borrowed a half dozen camp cookbooks for a little more research in detail and several of them discuss setting up the grill or gas oven, while one actually has a picture of a “camp kitchen” that is nicer and bigger the kitchen in my own house.  I did not realize that people camped these days with a small van’s worth of catering equipment.  I have since found what I was in fact looking for, but was surprised that old style camp cooking was so hard to find and is apparently becoming a lost art.  Even army survival manuals seem to spend a chapter on finding food, a chapter on “dispatching” food, a chapter on cleaning food, a sentence or two that basically says “Cook the food” without much elaboration, and then moves on to building advanced irrigation systems or camouflaging tanks or whatever. 

The magic research has been the most fun.  I have managed to dust off a number of old books on magical history in my library, and just wandering through them has been an experience.  I don’t use much magical theory in SHADOW’S CLAW, but it does pick up more in SHADOW’S LIGHT and will play a more substantial role in DARK NIGHT. 

Anyway, this little missive should give everyone a little insight into what we at the S&S Blog are doing to give you, the reader, the best possible experience with the SHADOWS OF NIGHT book series.  We will be sharing more fruits of our labors with you on the Blog in coming features and columns, so stay tuned!

Project Update January 26, 2010

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Welcome back to the S&S Blog!  We have all sorts of news to report as to the status of the SHADOWS OF NIGHT book series, so let’s get right to it.

First of all, there have been some promising discussions about actually getting the SHADOWS OF NIGHT series into you, the reader’s, hands.  I am trying to go the traditional route- and I am also handing the first shot to a friend of mine whom I trust and have worked with before, but if that is not a perfect fit, there are one or two other options.  It helps to own half of a PR firm that has significant experience with book publicity.  So fingers crossed, and touch wood everybody. 

The third editorial polish is more or less complete for SHADOW’S CLAW (A.k.a. “Book One”).  There is a tweak here and there, but it is essentially complete.  I am still flabbergasted by the poor performance of MS-WORD’s spelling/grammar checker, but SHADOW’S CLAW seems to be essentially complete, pending publisher edits.  At present, the manuscript sits at 105,306 words.

SHADOW’S LIGHT is moving along swimmingly.  At the last update in mid-January, the manuscript sat at 51,143 words, and now it is up to a beefier 64,934 words, a 26.96% increase for those keeping count.  The story seems to be humming along nicely, and I still predict that it will come in at somewhere around 110,000 words. 

DARK NIGHT will be dark indeed- our surviving heros (and heroines) are going to have their work cut out for them.  The notes are all gathered and the adventure is beginning to take real shape and as soon as SHADOW’S LIGHT is in second edit, actual drafting should start on DARK NIGHT. 

The social media aspect is slowly moving forward, but we have 445 twitter followers at the moment (and the vast majority of them are readers and not spammers, so thank you all for following us at the S&S Blog).  The Facebook fan page is up, and at last check had four fans as well (again thank you for following!). 

The “Mothership” S&S Blog has seen some good traffic (and yet again, thank you for reading).  We have been a little slow over the weekend, but for some reason Granny Redbeard seems to pack ’em in.  We are working on some new features for the Blog to add to your reading pleasure and to detail the world of the SHADOWS OF NIGHT books, some of which will be up soon for your reading pleasure.  Under consideration are travel stories, another cooking blog- this time from Hazel Cindertoes, perhaps some magic or spell casting tips from Lathan and maybe even sneak peeks at SHADOW’S LIGHT, the second book in the series. 

Again, we at the S&S Blog thank you for participating and we hope you are having as much fun reading and following our characters as we do writing and presenting for you.  Please feel free to keep the comments coming in, and if you have any questions or the writer or the characters- please feel free to send them to us on Twitter, by commenting on the page, or by leaving them on the Facebook fan wall.  Check back soon for more S&S Blog fun!

Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #3

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Welcome back to the S&S Blog!  We bring you the third edition of Daity Dwarven Delicacies with Granny Redbeard, our cooking column that keeps coming back.  It is sort of like Rocky movies.  There are already too many, but you can’t help but watch the tragedy as it unfolds.  This weekend, Granny Redbeard spent extra time whipping up a real treat to terrorize your taste buds with more delights from her Dwarven kitchen.  I think she has a real winner this week!  So everyone take cover and take it away Granny Redbeard!

Thanks, sonny.  I wanted ta thank everyone fer yer comments and ideas.  I’ve had some requests for a Dwarven dessert, so I have jes the thing, my famous Krautcake.  This actually requires two recipes so keep up.

First, ya need to make a basic yeast dough an’ yer gonna need the followin’:  2 packets of dry yeast, ½ cup of warm water, ½ cup of butter softened, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 cup o’ scalded milk, 3 cups o’ flour, 4 egg yolks, one whole egg, an’ 2 ta 3 more cups of flour. 

Dissolve the yeast in the warm water, followin’ the package instructions.  Combine the butter and salt.  Scald the milk and pour into the butter an’ salt mix.  Cool ta lukewarm.  Add 3 cups of flour and the yeast an’ mix well.  Set aside in a warm corner until mix becomes light an bubbly.  Stir in egg yolks an’ the whole egg an gradually beat in 2 to three cups o’ flour until ya have a soft, light smooth dough.  Take the dough an’ kneed on a floured board ‘til the dough is smooth an’ elastic an’ the dough forms blisters.  Shape the dough inta a ball an’ set in a warm, draft free place fer ‘bout an hour ta an hour an’ a half.  The dough should double in bulk.  Punch it down an’ roll it out ta fit a cookie sheet, an’ let rise fer another 15 minutes.  Preheat the oven ta 400 degrees.

Now fer the magical fillin’ yer gonna need:  3 pounds of sauerkraut, ½ cup of lard or rendered bacon fat, 1 diced small onion, salt an’ pepper, 1 ta 2 tablespoons of caraway seeds, 2 tablespoon o’ flour an 3 tablespoon o’ sour cream. 

If the kraut is too salty or sour, rinse an’ press out as much water as possible.  Chop the kraut up real fine.  Heat the fat in a skillet an’ when hot sauté (bet ya didn’t think Granny Redbeard knew any of them fancy cookin’ terms) the diced onion ‘til it turns golden brown.  Add kraut, salt, pepper and caraway seeds an’ toss until the kraut an’ fat are well mixed up.  Cover the skillet an’ steam for 10 ta 15 minutes.  Shakes the pan or stir every now an’ again so it don’t stick.  Mix the flour into the milk ta form a thin paste an’ stir inta the hot but not boiling kraut.  Simmer fer a minute or two ‘til it all thickens, an’ then stir in the sour cream.  Season ta taste. 

Spread it on top o’ the raised yeast dough an’ let rise fer another 15 minutes.  Bake at 400 degrees fer about 45 minutes or ‘til the dough is brown an’ crisp an’ the fillin’ is baked in. 

An’ coincidentally, this recipe makes a fine dessert after a dinner o’ Dwarven Dumplin’s an’ Boiled Potaters.  It’s real satisfyin’!

Granny Redbeard’s kitchen is always open fer ya dears, so feel free ta drop by whenever, an’ I’ll have another heapin’ helpin’ of Dwarven love soon!

Um…  Thank you Granny Redbeard.  There are just no words.  I guess Dwarves practice “tough love.”   Anyway, Granny Redbeard threatens to return really soon, so keep an eye out for that.  We will also have project updates and a few new features added to the S&S Blog soon, so please check back in with us frequently!

An Interview with Ioan Gwydir

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S&S BLOG:  Strap in folks because we are here again for the latest of our first round of character interviews for the major characters of the first of the book in the SHADOWS OF NIGHT books series SHADOW’S CLAW.  Today, we have the pleasure of having Ioan Gwydir, who is the elf in the series, in our studios.  Well, we would have the pleasure, but Ioan is a little late to the studio today and…

IOAN GWYDIR:  Sorry I’m a little late.

S&S BLOG:  Oh, uh, no problem.  Welcome to the S&S Blog interview series. 

IOAN GWYDIR:  It is a pleasure to be here.  Do you want me to sit over here?

S&S BLOG:  Yes, that’s fine.  Comfortable?  Good.  Let’s dive right in.  What role do you play in the books?

IOAN GWYDIR:  I think my role is rather peripheral actually.  I am the straw that stirs the drink if you will.  I am the instigator.

S&S BLOG:  Really?  That’s it?

IOAN GWYDIR:  That’s it.  I guess I pick up the slack for one character or another to provide backup and support from time to time, but really that’s all.

S&S BLOG:  So, you’re not the hero of the book?

IOAN GWYDIR:  The book has heros?  Oh, good Lord no.  I’m in it for what I can get, I’ll gladly leave the heroics to others. 

S&S BLOG:  Interesting.  Well, that’s a different answer at least.  So, which of the other characters did you like working with?

IOAN GWYDIR:  Like is a rather subjective term, isn’t it?  I guess they are all loveable and charming in their own way, at least to their mothers.  At least they keep things interesting and their hearts seem to be in the right places even if their heads are usually up their collective [Bleep]. 

S&S BLOG:  What were you doing before signing up as a character in the new SHADOWS OF NIGHT fantasy book series?

IOAN GWYDIR:  Well, I graduated Julliard in music and then received an M.F.A. in acting from the Yale School of Drama, and then spent some time in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts as an academy associate teacher for two years while splitting time between the West End and Broadway.  With the surge in reality television, it was either this gig or doing a series of “Levitra” and “Pepto-Bismol Dance” commercials.  I chose the less dignified route.    

S&S BLOG:  In the tradition of the Actor’s Studio, I would like to ask you the following questionnaire.  What is your favorite word?

IOAN GWYDIR:  “Ioan Gwydir.”  It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

S&S BLOG:  Alright.  What is your least favorite word?

IOAN GWYDIR:  Stagnation.  I don’t mean simply the physical stasis and degeneration that implies, but also the mental deterioration and lack of challenge.  I like the new and different; I thrive on change. 

S&S BLOG:  What turns you on?

IOAN GWYDIR:  Learning something new and different, or seeing something I have never seen before.  I also love to play music and tell stories, and so creation of new ideas and redefining both esoteric concepts and the world around me really energizes me.

S&S BLOG:  I’m sorry.  That was very well said.  I’m not used to that in these interviews. 

IOAN GWYDIR:  I’m just messing with you.  A good ale, a good fight and a great tune do it for me.  That’s the party line, isn’t it?

S&S BLOG:  Oh.  What turns you off?

IOAN GWYDIR:  Stupidity, which makes me wonder why I travel with these clowns sometimes.  Stupidty leads to all other problems that wrack our world- violence, destruction, starvation, war, and reality television. 

S&S BLOG:  What sound or noise do you love?

IOAN GWYDIR:  There are many.  I love the sound of a harp, the gentle rush of a waterfall, and the grunt Marcus makes when he is utterly flummoxed.  I note that a lot of orcs and goblins make the same sound.  Coincidence?  I think not.

S&S BLOG:  What sound or noise do you hate?

IOAN GWYDIR:  I’m not crazy about fingernails on a blackboard.  I have the same reaction to stupid people sometimes.    

S&S BlOG:  What is your favorite curse word?

IOAN GWYDIR:  [Bleep]. 

S&S BlOG:  Really?  [Bleep]?  I thought for sure it would be [Bleep].

IOAN GWYDIR:  Oh, no.  I could understand your thinking that I’d prefer [Bleep], but [Bleep] if far more versatile as a word.  [Bleep] can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, syllable for emphasis, cathartic exclamation and hobby all at once.  Plus, I play a game.  Every time they say, “Kill” or “Murder” on the evening news, and I replace it with [Bleep] and suddenly the news doesn’t seem to bad. 

S&S BLOG:  Well [Bleep] me.

IOAN GWYDIR:  Exactly. 

S&S BLOG:  So, other than your profession, what profession would you most like to attempt? 

IOAN GWYDIR:  I like what I do, but if I had to do something else, I would definitely go the wizard route. 

S&S BLOG:  What profession would you not like to do?

IOAN GWYDIR:  I would not trade with Marcus.  While his approach is direct, he gets stabbed and cut way too much more my liking and comfort.  I don’t like pain, and frankly I try to avoid sharp pointy things whenever possible. 

S&S BLOG:  If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

IOAN GWYDIR:  “You’re way too early.  Turn around a go back.  There’s more to see.”

S&S BLOG:  Thank you Ioan Gwydir, and this concludes our first round of character interviews.  We are gathering questions for our second round, so if you have questions of the characters, please feel free to participate and send them in.  We’ll try and get answers for you.  We are also working on some character round tables, Granny Redbeard is cooking up fresh hell in the break room kitchen, we will have some project updates coming up and some other surprises!  So check back with us soon!