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Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #7

Posted in Dainty Dwarven Delicacies on March 1, 2010 by swordandsorcerybooks

Ain’t ya all sweet?  Granny Redbeard goes away fer one week an’ ya’ll write in ta ask where I been.  The studios were closed last weekend, so yer Granny Redbeard couldn’t whip up a treat fer ya’ll so I’ll make it up ta ya today. 

You’ll need three eggs, 1 an’ 1/4 cups o’ sugar, 3/4 cup o’ coarsely chopped hazelnuts, 1/2 cup o’ chocolate bits or chopped semi-sweet chocolate, three cups o’ flour, 1/2 a teaspoon o’ bakin’ powder, 3/4 cup o’ raisins an’ an egg yolk, beaten.

Preheat your oven ta ’bout 350 degrees.  Beat the eggs an’ sugar ’til they’re pale yellow and thick enough ta ribbon.  Add the nuts an’ chocolate.  Sift the flour together with the bakin’ powder an’ mix gradually inta the egg an’ sugar an’ nuts an’ chocolate mixture.  Flour the raisins lightly an’ stir into the batter.  Grease a bakin’ sheet and spread the dough on it in two or three long loaves ’bout 1/3 to half an inch thick an’ ’bout three inches wide.  Brush the tops with the beaten egg yolk an’ bake fer ’bout 35 ta 45 minutes.  Cut them into one to one and 1/2 inch slices while still hot. 

Then ya’ll have a sweetie treatie from yer Granny Redbeard!  Now ya’ll run a long and check back with us again real soon!


Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #6

Posted in Dainty Dwarven Delicacies on February 14, 2010 by swordandsorcerybooks

Well, it is the weekend again and Granny Redbeard is back with a vengence with yet another class in the Dwarven Culinary Tradition, probably in violation of the Genenva Convention.  Welcome back to the S&S Blog, Granny Redbeard.

Thank ya, sonny!  My Great Granny Redbeard used ta always say yer are what yer eat, so this week I’m sharin’ my Great Granny Redbeard’s “Smart Soup.”  This here was always one of Auric’s favorites. 

Fer this recipe, ya’ll need: One pair of calves’ brains, salt, flour, two tablespoons o’ butter, three cups o’ brain stock, two cups o’ vegetable stock, a strip o’ lemon peel, salt an’ pepper ta taste, white wine ta taste, one egg yolk beaten with two tablespoons o’ sweet cream. 

First yer gotta take care o’ the brains.  Wash them brains quickly under cold runnin’ water an’ then soak ’em in icy water fer two or three hours.  The water should be changed twice durin’ soakin’ an’ a little lemon juice should be added ta the last change o’ water.  After the brains soak, gently pull off as much membrane an’ blood streaks as possible but don’t ya cut the brain or break it inta chunks.  Then ya blanch the brains by coverin’ them with water in a saucepan.  Add one teaspoon of salt and the juice of one quarter o’ lemon.  Simmer ’til the brains look white and solid, which’ll take about fifteen ta twenty minutes.  Remove the brains an’ cut away any other membrane or connective tubing.  Strain the cookin’ stock, an’ let the brains cool in it ’til yer ready ta use it.

When yer ready, take the brains an’ add three cups o’ water.  Parboil fer about five minutes an’ then remoive the brains, strain the stock and set it aside.  Let the brains cool slightly, then cut into small pieces.  Sprinkle with salt and dredge lightly with flour.  Heat the butter in a two an’ a half quart saucepan an’ when the butter is hot an’ bubblin’, add the brains.  Sautee over moderate heat fer a few minutes, strrin’ very gently ’til the brains are golden brown on all sides.  Cover pot and braise on low heat fer five minutes. 

Pour in the strained brain stock an’ the vegetable stock an’ add the lemon peel, cover the pot an’ bring ta boil.  Then reduce heat an’ simmer fer eight ta ten minutes.  Season as necessary with salt an’ pepper an’ add a dash of white wine.  Granny Redbeard uses more than a dash, but really it is ta taste- ta each their own, ‘specially when it comes ta brains.  Remove from heat an’ gradually stir in the egg yolk that has been beaten with the sweet cream.  Heat over a very low heat fer a few minutes, but do not boil an’ yer ready to serve up some smart soup!  See y’all next week!

Thank you again Granny Redbeard.  May we have another?  That was a threat if ever I have heard one.  In other S&S Blog news, we will hopefully start one of our new features this week, blizzard and schedule allowing.  We also plan a project update soon, and may even be able to introduce a little art onto the site so check back with us here at the S&S Blog often!

Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #5

Posted in Dainty Dwarven Delicacies on February 7, 2010 by swordandsorcerybooks

Oh God, is it that time again already?  I guess it is, it is time for another Dainty Dwarven Delicacies with Auric Redbeard’s own Granny Redbeard, going where other chefs fear to tread, the finest in traditional Dwarven cuisine.  Take it away Granny Redbeard (and keep it…)

Thanks, sonny.  This week there is some sorta big human game tomorrow, so the staff here asked old Granny to come up with a snack fer the big event.  No problem- Granny’ll whip up a mighty fine tidbit fer Dwarven warriors.  Fer this ya’ll need two calves feet, two pigs feet, enough water to cover ’em in a pot, one cup o’ white vinegar, two tablespoons o’ salt, a large onion, two bay leaves an’ ten peppercorns. 

First make sure that ya wash the feet well in several changes o’ water or they’ll be nasty.  Place the feet in a pot and cover with water an’ add the vinegar, salt, onion, bay leaves and peppercorns.  Bring it all ta’ a boil fer four or five minutes, skimmin’ the surface a the foam rises.  Reduce the heat an’ simmer fer an hour an’ a half. 

Remove the feet from the broth, but simmer the broth fer another half hour or until the broth is reduced to between 1/3 and 1/2 its original volume.  When the feet are cool enough to handle, pick the meat from the bones an’ place the meat in in a mold or bakin’ dish.  Strain the broth through a fine sieve, cheese cloth or yer husband’s beard, whatever’s handy.  Cool the broth an’ skim off the fat from the surface.  Taste fer seasoning and add more vinegar if necessary.  Pour the broth over the meat an’ chill until the broth sets. 

Ta plate it, just turn the mold upside down on a platter, or cut individual portions from the mold an’ put ’em onter individual plates.  I like ta garnish with gherkins, pickled beets, slices o’ hard boiled eggs an’ a little freshly grated horseradish an’ enjoy the wiggly, jiggly, meaty treaty yer Granny Redbeard made fer ya and cheer fer yer favorite team!  Maybe cheer fer the Colts since my Grandson thinks they’re gonna win, an’ because it annoys the elf.  ‘Til next week, this is yer Granny Redbeard givin’ ya lovin’ from the oven!  Back ta ya, sonny.

Oh, uh, thank you Granny Redbeard.  This feature brings tears to my eyes every time I read it.  Onto other news, this has been a slow week for the blog in terms of articles but not in terms of visits.  We at the S&S Blog would like to thank all of you who visit us regularly for making the past two days record-breakers, though thanks to Granny Redbeard, perhaps that streak will end right here.  We are looking forward to the art department’s first images that will be posted here on the blog, Facebook and Twitter pages and the manuscript for SHADOW’S LIGHT is clicking right along.  So please check back in often, as exciting things are happening with the SHADOWS OF NIGHT book series!

Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #4

Posted in Dainty Dwarven Delicacies on January 31, 2010 by swordandsorcerybooks

Back by inexplicable popular demand is another of Granny Redbeard’s explorations of Dwarven cuisine.  The S&S Blog again proudly presents, from the kitchen of the S&S Blog studios, the one, the only (thank God) Granny Redbeard!

Thanks, sonny.  Ya know, I got comments that last week’s Krautcake wasn’t sweet enough for some of yer little darlin’s.  No problem, Granny can whip up somthin’ sweet ta please ya’ll.  It’s a cool, creamy, tasty, easy dessert that’ll stick to them ribs of yers. 

Yer gonna need a heaping cup full o’ stale pumpler…  Pumphler…  Yer gonna need a heap o’ dark brown bread crumbs.  Ya also need two tablespoons of rum, three cups o’ whipped heavy cream, two egg yolks and three tablespoons of confectioner’s sugar. 

First ya chill a four cup mold in the freezer fer ’bout an hour.  Sprinkle the crumbs with the rum.  Granny does use a little more rum when she does it fer herself, but ya don’t wanna use too much or the recipe won’t work right.  Make sure all the crumbs are evenly moist with the rum.  Whip the cream, and beat in the yolks and sugar an’ then fold into the moist breadcrumbs.  Rinse yer mold, an’ then turn the mixture into the mold an’ cover with wax paper.  Freeze the mold fer ’bout six hours.  The mix should be solid an’ creamy, but not frozen solid.  It may not look like much fer dessert but a little of this goes a very long way.

See?  Yer Granny Redbeard can satisfy yer sweet tooth.  ‘Course next week we’ll bring ya more good down home Dwarven cookin’.  ‘Til then, here’s that nice young man from the blog.

Thank you Granny Redbeard, we can feel our arteries hardening with every scoop full.  And thank you all for visiting the S&S Blog again.  We now have a Facebook Page and a Facebook Fan Page to go with our twitter pages.  We are also looking into getting some art to everyone in the relatively near future as well as some new features including Travel rations with Hazel Cindertoes and a magic column from Lathan the Golden.  And maybe we’ll even hear the characters Superbowl pics!  So until then, please check back in with us here at the S&S Blog often.  You’ll never know what gets posted here.

Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #3

Posted in Dainty Dwarven Delicacies on January 26, 2010 by swordandsorcerybooks

Welcome back to the S&S Blog!  We bring you the third edition of Daity Dwarven Delicacies with Granny Redbeard, our cooking column that keeps coming back.  It is sort of like Rocky movies.  There are already too many, but you can’t help but watch the tragedy as it unfolds.  This weekend, Granny Redbeard spent extra time whipping up a real treat to terrorize your taste buds with more delights from her Dwarven kitchen.  I think she has a real winner this week!  So everyone take cover and take it away Granny Redbeard!

Thanks, sonny.  I wanted ta thank everyone fer yer comments and ideas.  I’ve had some requests for a Dwarven dessert, so I have jes the thing, my famous Krautcake.  This actually requires two recipes so keep up.

First, ya need to make a basic yeast dough an’ yer gonna need the followin’:  2 packets of dry yeast, ½ cup of warm water, ½ cup of butter softened, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 cup o’ scalded milk, 3 cups o’ flour, 4 egg yolks, one whole egg, an’ 2 ta 3 more cups of flour. 

Dissolve the yeast in the warm water, followin’ the package instructions.  Combine the butter and salt.  Scald the milk and pour into the butter an’ salt mix.  Cool ta lukewarm.  Add 3 cups of flour and the yeast an’ mix well.  Set aside in a warm corner until mix becomes light an bubbly.  Stir in egg yolks an’ the whole egg an gradually beat in 2 to three cups o’ flour until ya have a soft, light smooth dough.  Take the dough an’ kneed on a floured board ‘til the dough is smooth an’ elastic an’ the dough forms blisters.  Shape the dough inta a ball an’ set in a warm, draft free place fer ‘bout an hour ta an hour an’ a half.  The dough should double in bulk.  Punch it down an’ roll it out ta fit a cookie sheet, an’ let rise fer another 15 minutes.  Preheat the oven ta 400 degrees.

Now fer the magical fillin’ yer gonna need:  3 pounds of sauerkraut, ½ cup of lard or rendered bacon fat, 1 diced small onion, salt an’ pepper, 1 ta 2 tablespoons of caraway seeds, 2 tablespoon o’ flour an 3 tablespoon o’ sour cream. 

If the kraut is too salty or sour, rinse an’ press out as much water as possible.  Chop the kraut up real fine.  Heat the fat in a skillet an’ when hot sauté (bet ya didn’t think Granny Redbeard knew any of them fancy cookin’ terms) the diced onion ‘til it turns golden brown.  Add kraut, salt, pepper and caraway seeds an’ toss until the kraut an’ fat are well mixed up.  Cover the skillet an’ steam for 10 ta 15 minutes.  Shakes the pan or stir every now an’ again so it don’t stick.  Mix the flour into the milk ta form a thin paste an’ stir inta the hot but not boiling kraut.  Simmer fer a minute or two ‘til it all thickens, an’ then stir in the sour cream.  Season ta taste. 

Spread it on top o’ the raised yeast dough an’ let rise fer another 15 minutes.  Bake at 400 degrees fer about 45 minutes or ‘til the dough is brown an’ crisp an’ the fillin’ is baked in. 

An’ coincidentally, this recipe makes a fine dessert after a dinner o’ Dwarven Dumplin’s an’ Boiled Potaters.  It’s real satisfyin’!

Granny Redbeard’s kitchen is always open fer ya dears, so feel free ta drop by whenever, an’ I’ll have another heapin’ helpin’ of Dwarven love soon!

Um…  Thank you Granny Redbeard.  There are just no words.  I guess Dwarves practice “tough love.”   Anyway, Granny Redbeard threatens to return really soon, so keep an eye out for that.  We will also have project updates and a few new features added to the S&S Blog soon, so please check back in with us frequently!

Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #2

Posted in Dainty Dwarven Delicacies on January 18, 2010 by swordandsorcerybooks

In what is certain to be a textbook example of the maxim “Be careful what you ask for because you may just get it,” we at the S&S Blog present a second “Dainty Dwarven Delicacies.”  So yet again, back by mystifying popular demand is Granny Redbeard, grandmother of our own Auric Redbeard, will conduct another full frontal assault on your cardiovascular system and digestive tract.  So with no further ado and with more than a few apologies to our vegetarian readers,  take it away Granny!

Thank ya fer havin’ me back this week.  Today, we’re discussin’ one of my grandson Auric’s favorite meals, Dwarven Dumplin’s.  This here’s a simple recipe, but it takes some trial an’ error to git right.  Yer gonna need ’bout 2 ounces of fresh bone marrow, a large egg, breadcrumbs as needed, salt, nutmeg and 1 1/2 quarts of hot beef stock.

First, ya scoop the marrow out of the bones and melt it in a skillet slowly.  When the marrow has all melted ‘cept fer a few a little bit o’ the black sediment in the bottom of the pan, strain through a cheese cloth, a very fine strainer or yer husband’s beard.  Whatever’s handy.  Then chill the marrow ’til it solidifies. 

Cream the chilled marrow with the egg, a dash or two o’ salt an’ a pinch of nutmeg ta yer taste.  Add breadcrumbs a tablespoon at a time ’til the dough can be handled an’ shaped.  Fer all you nosey Nellies out there that wanna know all Granny Redbeard’s secrets, I use pompernu-, I use pimpernu-, I use dark brown bread crumbs. 

So when the dough can be shaped an’ handled, let it stand fer ’bout a half hour.  Use yer wet hands to shape yer dumplin’s.  Drop the dumplin’s in the boilin’ beef stock, but then cook at a simmer fer ’bout ten minutes in an open pot.  Ya should try to cook a test dumplin’ first.  If it falls apart, add more breadcrumbs to the mixture.  If it is too heavy, add a little more creamed marrow.  Ya can add a little flour to the cooking broth to help ’em stay together.

Remove the cooked dumplin’ with a perforated spoon an’ not yer hands, ’cause that hurts.  Drain ’em well before servin’ ’em, but serve them quickly or they git nasty.  Ya can garnish them with dill, chives or parsley an’ serve with meat or in beef broth.  Don’t add no flour ta the broth ya serve the dumplin’s in or it’ll get too cloudy an’ thick an’ ya don’t wanna eat that.  Sometimes my Auric just likes ’em with honey.

Anyway, there ya have it, Dwarven Dumplin’s fer yer little dumplin’s.  Now Auric can have a nice snack an’ then run an’ play with his little friends…

Thank you Granny Redbeard.  We at the S&S Blog look forward with extreme trepidation to the next Dainty Dwarven Delicacies straight from the “Cordon Bleh.”  We hope you, the audience will drop by again soon to see what emerges from Granny’s Redbeard’s kitchen.  We may need your help in subduing it.

Dainty Dwarven Delicacies

Posted in Dainty Dwarven Delicacies on January 9, 2010 by swordandsorcerybooks

As promised (threatened?) we at the S&S Blog proudly present “Dainty Dwarven Delicacies” With Granny Redbeard, grandmother of our own Auric Redbeard, character in the SHADOWS OF NIGHT book series.  Take it away Granny Redbeard!

Thank ya son, and git a haircut.  Today, I’m givin’ the recipe of one of my grandson Auric’s light favorites; Boiled Potaters an’ Bacon Dressin’.  Ya can use this recipe with Yukon golds, Redskin potaters or fingerlin’s.  Take a pot, fill it with water an’ bring it ta boil.  There should be enough water ta cover the potaters.  Add as many potaters as will be eaten.  Cut up large potaters into quarters.  Add a teaspoon of salt.  Boil for twenty minutes and then drain.  Let the potaters steam dry.

While yer doin’ that, you’ll need 6 slices o’ diced bacon, 1/4 cup o’ vinegar, 1 1/2 tablespoons of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of pepper.

Fry the diced bacon in a skillet until crisp, don’t drain off the fat.  Add the vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper an’ heat to boiling, stirrin’ constantly.  Check the seasonin’ and add more to taste.  This recipe can be added ta one pound of potaters, so you may need to make more if yer makin’ more potaters.  Pour this dressin’ over the potaters and serve hot.  Don’t chill or refrigerate this dressin’ cause the bacon fat will congeal an’ that’ll be nasty. 

Serve with copious amounts o’ beer and you have a light summer refreshment from yer Granny Redbeard’s kitchen!

Um…  Thank you Granny Redbeard.  We at S&S Blog look forward to your next submission.