Sort of an Update… Sort of…

We at the S&S Blog apologize for the lack of new material here.  It is not that we don;t have it- good lord is there a backlog!  However between business trips and the electrical storm that knocked out power since Saturday, things have been unexpectedly crazy here at the S&S Blog studios.  We hope to have things up and running again by tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Sort of an Update… Sort of…”

  1. Sorry to hear about all the craziness. Hope it all calms down for you soon, and there is no major damages done.

  2. No major damage, but herding everyone together has been a problem. Auric keeps running off to help cut down trees, Marcus has been helping organize CL&P (Which means it is taking three times longer for people to get power), Lathan has been trying to cast spells to drain the basement (and now we have another inch of water), Hazel and Granny Redbeard are fighting over who gets to use the kitchen and Ioan has disappeared to the pub. We’ll get everyone rounded up and back to work shortly.

  3. Ahhh, was Marcus to blame for our power outage a few weeks back? We have finally melted away the snow and have buckets upon buckets of water running down the roads.

    If Auric would like to make a visit, we could use his help clearing out the fallen trees and making rafts of the fallen trees, in case we start to flood.

    You should see if Lathan could turn the water to ice so they all can skate around, like on a frozen pond. At least its now snow though.

    Good luck rounding up the crew!

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