Project Update February 17, 2010

It’s been about two weeks since the latest project update, so here at the S&S Blog, we thought that we would give everyone the latest news about the SHADOWS OF NIGHT BOOK series. 

We are in discussions with several parties regarding bringing the SHADOWS OF NIGHT books series to everyone’s book shelf as soon as possible.  We may have a better idea next week as to the exact direction we will be going, so that is encouraging, and obviously we will keep everyone abreast of where we are in the process. 

SHADOW’S CLAW had been more or less “in the can” for several weeks now, still clocking in at 105,306 words.  Again, there may be a tweak or two in chapter one, and any publisher edits as requested, but otherwise that manuscript is copyedited and ready to roll. 

SHADOW’S LIGHT is also coming along nicely.  At the last update, the manuscript sat at 64,934 words.  As of this update, the manuscript now stands at 79,207 words and is solidly in the “third act.”  Again I think that the manuscript will finish in the 110,000 word neighborhood, a 21.89% increase in size and meaning that the manuscript is roughly 72% complete.  We have included those statistics for the exactly 17.673% of your who really care.   There are a few “casting” issues to deal with, but SHADOW’S LIGHT is falling into place and depending on work schedules, should be complete by Early March. 

DARK NIGHT is also definitely starting to take shape.  It should be a wild ride.  The manuscript is not starting until after SHADOW’S LIGHT is complete and in copy editing. 

On the social media front, the Twitter account has 535 followers as of this moment.  That has been exciting, since again, the vast majority seem to be real people- writers, readers and fantasy fans, with just a few spammers.  I do try to weed the spammers out from time to time, so I have been very happy with the overall growth.  The Facebook Page still only has seven fans, but we have not been pushing that page as hard because the emphasis has been on completing the manuscripts. 

Here on the “Mothership,” the S&S Blog, time commitments have slowed some of the production of features, but the promised “Trail Rations with Hazel Cindertoes” and “Arcane Secrets with Lathan the Golden” are on the way, as well as a column for the love-lorn possibly moderated by Auric Redbeard or Marcus Severus and some other oddities.  Granny Redbeard will continue to do her worst and do it slow for the foreseeable future.  We will also roll out some introductions to new characters and some features around SHADOW’S LIGHT in a few weeks, but we will try not to spoil the fun- we won’t let you know who lives and who, well, doesn’t. 

Traffic has been a little up and down- we have had some very quiet days around here, but we have also enjoyed three of our five biggest days in terms of visitors since the last update, so thank you all for continuing to check in with us!  We hope you enjoy reading the blog and getting to know the characters as much as we do bringing them to you. 

Also, please feel free to submit questions to the characters, we will have a Q&A session with all five characters from the SHADOWS OF NIGHT book series in coming weeks.  We at the S&S Blog hope to see every again soon!


2 Responses to “Project Update February 17, 2010”

  1. Sounds as the book writing is coming along nicely. You may have most done when you sign your deal. That would be great for us readers. Okay, I am a little selfish… I like not having to wait to long between books. 🙂

    I have been enjoying reading the posts here with the characters and updates on where the books are.

    Hope to hear all is settled and in the works for you soon!

  2. We are back on track after a strange two weeks or so with some rewrites-and the second manuscript is better for it. If and when these actually begin to make money, and depending on publishers wishes, the S&S Staff could conceiveably crank out three to four stories per year and keep up the quality.

    We are so very glad that you are enjoying reading the blog. We have a lot of fun with it, and it is nice to know we are not just amusing ourselves!

    I hope to announce good news, or at least forward progress in the near future!

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