Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #6

Well, it is the weekend again and Granny Redbeard is back with a vengence with yet another class in the Dwarven Culinary Tradition, probably in violation of the Genenva Convention.  Welcome back to the S&S Blog, Granny Redbeard.

Thank ya, sonny!  My Great Granny Redbeard used ta always say yer are what yer eat, so this week I’m sharin’ my Great Granny Redbeard’s “Smart Soup.”  This here was always one of Auric’s favorites. 

Fer this recipe, ya’ll need: One pair of calves’ brains, salt, flour, two tablespoons o’ butter, three cups o’ brain stock, two cups o’ vegetable stock, a strip o’ lemon peel, salt an’ pepper ta taste, white wine ta taste, one egg yolk beaten with two tablespoons o’ sweet cream. 

First yer gotta take care o’ the brains.  Wash them brains quickly under cold runnin’ water an’ then soak ’em in icy water fer two or three hours.  The water should be changed twice durin’ soakin’ an’ a little lemon juice should be added ta the last change o’ water.  After the brains soak, gently pull off as much membrane an’ blood streaks as possible but don’t ya cut the brain or break it inta chunks.  Then ya blanch the brains by coverin’ them with water in a saucepan.  Add one teaspoon of salt and the juice of one quarter o’ lemon.  Simmer ’til the brains look white and solid, which’ll take about fifteen ta twenty minutes.  Remove the brains an’ cut away any other membrane or connective tubing.  Strain the cookin’ stock, an’ let the brains cool in it ’til yer ready ta use it.

When yer ready, take the brains an’ add three cups o’ water.  Parboil fer about five minutes an’ then remoive the brains, strain the stock and set it aside.  Let the brains cool slightly, then cut into small pieces.  Sprinkle with salt and dredge lightly with flour.  Heat the butter in a two an’ a half quart saucepan an’ when the butter is hot an’ bubblin’, add the brains.  Sautee over moderate heat fer a few minutes, strrin’ very gently ’til the brains are golden brown on all sides.  Cover pot and braise on low heat fer five minutes. 

Pour in the strained brain stock an’ the vegetable stock an’ add the lemon peel, cover the pot an’ bring ta boil.  Then reduce heat an’ simmer fer eight ta ten minutes.  Season as necessary with salt an’ pepper an’ add a dash of white wine.  Granny Redbeard uses more than a dash, but really it is ta taste- ta each their own, ‘specially when it comes ta brains.  Remove from heat an’ gradually stir in the egg yolk that has been beaten with the sweet cream.  Heat over a very low heat fer a few minutes, but do not boil an’ yer ready to serve up some smart soup!  See y’all next week!

Thank you again Granny Redbeard.  May we have another?  That was a threat if ever I have heard one.  In other S&S Blog news, we will hopefully start one of our new features this week, blizzard and schedule allowing.  We also plan a project update soon, and may even be able to introduce a little art onto the site so check back with us here at the S&S Blog often!


2 Responses to “Dainty Dwarven Delicacies #6”

  1. Should probably temper the egg/cream mixture (add a little of the hot broth to the mix) before throwing it into the pot. That way you avoid making scrambled eggs.

    Much appreciated. I’m trying to mix cooking and fantasy myself! 🙂

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